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After Georgia police tossed a flash grenade into a crib of a toddler during a botched raid, the sheriff's department claimed that the child was at fault for being injured by the attack. Do incidents like this prove that cops are psychopaths? If so, they certainly aren't keeping it a secret. The folks at the Bogosity Podcast expose these bad cops in all of their psychopathy.



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I'm a Libertarian. Christian. Brony.

I believe in Life, Liberty, and Ponies!

I recognize no sovereign but God. No king but Jesus. No princess but Celestia.

I'm Anti-State. Anti-War. Pro-Market. Pro-Christian. And Pro-Pony.

I'm a graduate in English, and a minor in journalism.

This blog contains my opinions on news, politics, and life in general.

As an American citizen, I'm entitled to my First Amendment rights, and I'm not afraid to use them.

Don’t like my opinion? Don’t blame me. Blame the 1st!




"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage."
- Galatians 5:1

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
- Galatians 5:28

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof."
- Leviticus 25:10

"In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:
As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free;
His truth is marching on."

-The Battle Hymn of the Republic

"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God."
- Benjamin Franklin

"We recognize no sovereign but God, and no king but Jesus!"
-John Adams

"I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
- Thomas Jefferson


After Georgia police tossed a flash grenade into a crib of a toddler during a botched raid, the sheriff's department claimed that the child was at fault for being injured by the attack. Do incidents like this prove that cops are psychopaths? If so, they certainly aren't keeping it a secret. The folks at the Bogosity Podcast expose these bad cops in all of their psychopathy.



Since “Story For Steven”, most of us fans have been quite curious to learn more about Greg’s early relationship with Rose and the Crystal Gems. This episode managed to help sate a little bit of that curiosity.

Through this episode, we gain a deeper perspective into Rose’s early feelings towards, which turned out to have been equally as platonic and unrequited as her feelings towards Pearl.

Speaking of which, in case anyone still had doubts about the relationship between Pearl and Rose, hopefully, this episode helped to shed some extra light on it for you.

And in case you were wondering why Steven and Connie can fuse but Greg and Rose couldn’t, this episode also helped shed light on this.

Overall, this was an excellent blast into the past (and perhaps the best episode of the second Steven Bomb), and here’s hoping for some more in the future.

I have no idea what type of music Steven and Greg are talking about--and I'm okay with that.

Greg is so astonished that he has to create his own record scratch sound effect!

Surprised that Steven did pull up a blanket. He normally has one when his father tells him stories like this.

Apparently, both Garnet and Amethyst have been playing the keytar and drums long before Steven's band.

I didn't know about this until recently, but Rose is voiced by Susan Egan, who also did the voice of Megara from Hercules. Now I can't hear her singing without thinking about "Won't Say I'm In Love." Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

I really love how this song perfectly sums up Greg's feelings for Rose, even if Rose remain oblivious to it. Somehow, I feel that makes their duet even more poignant.

Perhaps Pearl would feel less jealous if Greg found a way to incorporate her violin into the video. It would have made for an epic addition. Greg of all people should know that the violin can be rocking!

Pearl: "Fusion is only for dangerous situations" And, of course, this was a dangerous situation because Pearl was in "danger" of losing favor with Rose.

Does anyone else think that Rainbow Quartz looks like an 80s dance girl. Seriously, the only thing missing is for her to end her dance routine by landing in a chair and having water dumped onto her. She's a maniac, maniac on the floor.

Pearl makes the most epic mic drop.

Greg pays Amethyst to play the drums. He pays her in Pop Rocks. Not sure how to feel about this.

"You're just a phase. You know that, right?"

In case any of you still had doubts about Pearl's relationship with Rose being an unrequited romance, let this episode be definite proof that it is. Pearl's jealousy towards Greg isn't towards someone who's stealing attention from her friend: it's towards a rival lover. Pearl loves Rose. She really loves Rose. Not platonically, but romantically. Even the creators admit this! Stop pretending that it's otherwise.

I think Greg may need a drink, because Pearl was really salty!

Sorry, Greg, but you can't drop mics like Pearl drops them.

I take it Amethyst and the other gems don't know much about television. Wonder what they do to entertain themselves.

"First you need a gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light. Then you need a partner you can trust with that light."

Many fans have speculated that fusion is a metaphor for sex. I find that comparison quite iffy. I think it's more along the lines of relationships and intimacy.

Think about it: fusion requires two beings to be in sync with one another through body and soul. For that to happen, they have to be in good terms with each other relationship-wise.

I'd go more in depth on this subject, but here's a Tumblr post going more in detail instead.

Of course the best gem to give him advice about fusion is the gem who literally is a fusion. She knows from experience.

Gee, I wonder if this was the first time Greg learned that Garnet was a fusion.

Only "the works" for this most special of occasions.

"I love humans. You're all so funny."

Well, this is awkward. Here, Greg's feelings toward Rose is that of a lover, while Rose's feeling towards him is that of a pet. That's a real wet blanket there.

Greg: "I'm starting to get worried about the future."
Rose: "Oh, just ask Garnet."

Amethyst should have been there with the drums playing a rim shot.

Greg: "How'd you end up with, uh, Harpo, Groucho, and Chico?"
Rose: "Huh? Oh, them? Those are three long stories."

Stories I hope the creators go more into depth with in future episodes.

The actual "fusion" may not have worked, but Rose and Greg are much closer to each other than they once were, as the existence of this entire series seems to prove.

Somehow I feel that Connie enjoys hanging out with Steven and Greg, since their laid-back nature is a refreshing contrast to her otherwise overtly-strict parents.

Steven is painfully reminded that he's not entirely human, which must be painful for him. He can't fully relate with his father or Connie, and he can't relate with the gems. I take it this is what biracial individuals have to deal with.

MLP Wiki

Some episodes are so lackluster that it's not really worth writing entire recaps for them. So here, I'm just going to give you all a quick recap of the worst episodes of MLP:FIM Season Five (thus far!) Don't worry! I will get to writing full recaps of the remaining episodes--EVENTUALLY!

Appleoosa's Most Wanted

With this being the first time since Season One that we’ve had an episode set in Appleoosa and to feature Braeburn, you’d think this episode would have been a bit more spectacular. Instead, we end up with the exact opposite: with a lackluster episode that could have easily been set in Ponyville.

Seriously, why did this episode even need to be set in Appleoosa? We barely get to see much of the town. We don’t even get to see much of Braeburn, especially because of his condition. So what's the point of coming to this desert town? To host a rodeo? Wouldn’t Ponyville work just as well? As much as I was looking forward to seeing Appleoosa and Braeburn again, this episode simply didn’t make good use of either of them.

The lesson was rather creative, to say the least: you can always take the shortcomings in your life and turn them around for your own favor, because it’s all depends on how you look at it. However, the overall execution was rather predictable from the start. ("Oh look: we have a character whom others assume is a bad guy who’s not really a bad guy!")

Also, I seriously question some of the obvious plotholes. Sure, Applejack, just leave your injured cousin to look after three little girls. What could possibly go wrong? Also, what respectable sheriff would leave his post just to watch a rodeo act?

I’m one of the few bronies who enjoys watching Cutie Mark Crusader episodes, but this was not one of the best—though in all fairness, it also wasn’t one of the worst. (That would be “Somepony To Watch Over Me.”

Princess Spike

Worst. Episode. Of the season! And it’s a Spike episode, no less. Why am I not surprised?

Look, I don’t actively hate Spike. I want to like him. Unfortunately, most of his episodes suck. “Equestria Games” and “Imagination Manifestation” are the only exceptions. Sadly, this episode were not one of those exceptions.

At first, I feared (and loathed) that this was going to be an episode where Spike was merely going to spend the entirety of it to try and ensure that nothing disturbs Twilight’s sleep. Seriously, that plot has been overdone, and it’s nearly impossible to stretch out in the span of a half hour. Fortunately, that wasn’t the plot of the episode. Unfortunately, the actual plot wasn’t any better.

No, instead, we have Spike abusing his (self-appointed) authority to take over the convention in place of Twilight. First of all, shouldn’t these events have someone who’s second in command so that, if the person in charge isn’t able to be in charge, someone else can cover for them? Presidents have vice presidents. Managers have co-managers. And Twilight should have had someone to take over in an emergency such as this.

Aside from that, everything else about this episode goes predictably bad: Spike abuses his authority to make self-gratifying decisions, and he overall makes bad decisions that makes everything go from bad to worse. Nothing about this episode was redeemable. It fell as flat as the flimsy premise that its own series of unfortunate events were hinged upon.

If there was one good thing I could say about this episode, it’s that it isn’t as bad as “Spike At Your Service”—the worst Spike episode, if not the worst episode of the series EVER! It’s sad that the only good thing I have to say about this episode is that it wasn’t as bad as the worst episode.

Also, Spike, here’s a tip: try giving Twilight earplugs next time!

Party Pooped

This episode no make me happy. Makes me angry. And when me get angry—ME SMASH!

In all seriousness, the yaks were the most obnoxious part of this episode.

Dude, I don’t care if your race is prone to throwing a temper tantrum when things don’t go exactly your way.  (Almost like Tumblr SJWs!) You’re supposed to be foreign dignitaries here. You’re supposed to convince us that our country should ally with yours. Why would we want to form an alliance with a people who gets offended at everything we try to do for them? Twilight shouldn’t be trying to kiss your butts to make you happy. She should be kicking your butts back to where you came from and calling the treaty off.

Yes, I know this is a children’s show. Yes, I know we should expect the yaks to act cartoonish. But you need to allow for the suspension of disbelief. What respectful ruler would allow for such rude behavior from an ambassador? There is nothing about these yaks that make me believe in the slightest that they’re supposed to be foreign ambassadors whom anyone should take seriously. I mean, could you imagine if Obama were to have lunch with Putin, only for Obama to jump onto the table, kick away all of the dishes, and then proceed to take a huge dump on Putin’s face—all because his tea was too lukewarm? (Okay, I admit, that would be worth watching.)

As for Pinkie’s side of the story, it was too random—even for Pinkie Pie. I’ll suspend my disbelief long enough to assume that one mare can travel to another country and back in time for an afternoon party—fine! Everything else, well, it was simply too random. The train breaks down in Dodge City (which is supposed to be hundreds of miles away in the opposite direction!), for some reason. Pinkie Pie has a flashback of her time with The Beetles, for some reason. Once she reaches the gates of Yakistan, she ends up accidently sledding all the way back to her room in Ponyville, again, for some reason. Again, I know this is Pinkie Pie, but even this is too random to even be considered humorous.

In light of the recent hacking and release of person information from infidelity dating site Ashley Madison, can the hackers be considered brave “hacktivists” like Edward Snowden, or are they criminal thugs who put innocent lives at risk? Shane Killian and Charles Thomas of the Bogosity Podcast shed light on the shady activity and overall impact of these hackers.


In most other action shows, city and town settings merely serve as backdrops for the action. In Power Rangers, after the monster of the day finishes wrecking the city and getting destroyed by the good guys, the episode ends only for the very next episode to show the city good as new—as if a giant monster hadn’t been rampaging through it in the previous episode! The same thing can be seen in other shows such as Powerpuff Girls or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the city gets destroyed one episode, only to appear undamaged the very next.

For this reason, it’s a breath of fresh air when, following the events of the Steven Universe season one finale, it takes several episodes for Beach City to return to normal as everyone else is cleaning up and recovering from the aftermath. We see the wreckage of the Gemworld ship remain scattered along the beach for several episodes until the Crystal Gems get around to cleaning it up. This commitment to realism is one of the many small details that make the show feel real for us.

With all the crazy stuff that goes on in Beach City, you has to wonder what the other denizens of the town think about it. How do they really feel about their town getting attacked by monsters, and how do they feel about the Gems? Do they appreciate the work that they do to keep evil away, or do they consider them a nuisance that the town would be better without.

In the guise of an amateur online documentary, “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies”, reveals these answers and allows us a glimpse into the perspective of the townspeople and the previous events surrounding the season finale. This type of perspective is something that is often lost with other action shows. We see the heroes fight off the villains, but we rarely see how the townspeople have to cope with it. For this reason, Steven Universe helps bring the show down to earth, humanizing the characters and helping us to identify with them.

That and it’s funny to see Ronaldo act like the lovable conspiracy nut that he is!

You spin me right round, baby, right round. (On a side note, I'm not sure why Ronaldo didn't simply edit that out or do a retake. Even amateur filmmakers make a concerted effort to edit their footage.)

Ronaldo thinks Steven, an 11-year-old boy, is pregnant. Not sure if I should find that funny or expect it to be an actual future plot point. (Also, callback to "Steven's Lion"!)

You know, I always wondered how the Crystal Gems managed to evade the public eye for so long, especially considering past events. This episode somewhat gives me a good explanation: their existence is too extraordinary to believe.

Think about it: if you saw a YouTube video about an alien hand landing from outer space, would you believe it? If you answered the way I thought you would, then you can see why no one would have noticed the Crystal Gems.

Most dangerous boardwalk? I think Boardwalk Empire would contest that claim.

I think most of us would cry like babies if we saw a giant alien hand falling from the sky.

Not sure what's cuter, PeeDee denying that he was freaking out, or Ronaldo pretending to consul his little brother.

Krabby uses pinch. It's super effective.

Playing a game of volleyball does not "try to knock you in the face" make. (You'd think she would have a better perception of them, considering how well she and Amethyst were getting along.)

Mayor Dewey being your typical politician. Nothing else I can say here.

"I'll participate in your groundbreaking interview only if you participate in a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade." Man, don't you wish more interviewees were as flexible?

Is it weird that the only thing I'm fixated on with this scene is whether or not Ronaldo will knock over that glass of lemonade, which he should really place on the table--with a coaster.

Okay, seriously? I know that everyone wants to play off of Onion being considered a freak, but do we really to label him with question marks. I would have assumed "Onion Friend" would allow people to be more tolerant of him.

I know that we're supposed to side against Ronaldo here, but he does bring up a legit point: in shows like this, the heroes are always saving the town from the bad guys, but the bad guys are always attacking because they want to get to the heroes in the first place. It's a lot like that Batman episode where Batman has to defend himself from the allegations that it's he who's really putting Gotham in danger because he's the one that Joker and the other villains are after. It's quite the conundrum. The hero has to save the town, but the town always seems to be in danger because of the hero.

"Without the weird stuff in beach city, there would be nothing for you to blog about."

Huh. Considering the nature of Rinaldo's videos and blogs, this seems to be an equal indictment of conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones or Glenn Beck. Without big bad Obama, they have nothing to rant about. So hey try to stop him when he's the reason they're famous in the first place.

I just love how calmly Garnet is handling the situation: rather than escalate what would otherwise be a heated confrontation, she just complies with the crazy to prevent it from escalating any further.

You know, you have to wonder what the point of the video was. It was an expose on the gems, then about Rinaldo trying to get rid of the gems, then about him bringing the gems back. So, what just happened here? What did this video accomplish?

Only one view? B-b-but crazy conspiracy videos and documentaries always get a gazillion ratings. No, seriously, they do. Nothing attracts views like the crazy. (At least Steven was nice enough to to like it.)

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