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February 25, 2013
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Libertarians Vs Feminists by BlameThe1st Libertarians Vs Feminists by BlameThe1st
The man on the left is libertarian radio host Adam Kokesh, and the woman on the right is feminist blogger Rebbeca Watson.

One of the reasons I don't take modern feminism seriously is because feminists often concern themselves with non-issues. While libertarians like myself worry about American citizens being targeted for assassination, feminists are worried about female video game characters with big boobs and skimpy outfits. It's like worrying about the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic. There are bigger problems threatening our country, and feminists instead focus on bogeymen such as "patriarchy," "rape culture," and "wage gaps."

There was a time when feminism was an essential social movement in American history, a time when women couldn't vote, own property, attend school, work outside the home, earn equal wages, dress as they please, or run for office; but now that women can do all of that and more, feminism as a movement seems obsolete. Sure, feminists still bitch about "gender inequality," but the "equality" they refer to is not so much "equal opportunity"--which they already have--but rather "equal outcome"--which they can never have because men and women are different and will therefore produce different results, even when given an even playing field. "Gender inequality" aside, the feminist movement remains irrelevant--at least in the West.

There are still countries where women lack equal rights to men. In Pakistan, a teenage girl was nearly assassinated for committing the "crime" of attending school. In India, a woman died after being brutally gang-raped in a bus, with one of her rapists having penetrated her with an iron rod, while her rapists were excused by the justice system. In the Congo, women are raped so frequently that rape is considered "cultural," while in Mexico, women have been the target of systematic violence, or "feminicide." In all of these countries, women suffer oppression and inequality under real patriarchy. It is these places where feminism is required most yet doesn't exist. Instead, feminism exists in countries like the United States where women already have the same rights as men.

Because of this, feminism has shifted from ensuring equal rights for the sexes to complaining about non-issues. Now it’s about demeaning stay-at-home mothers for not wishing to pursue a career outside the home; about preventing women from having consensual sex for money or posing nude in front of a camera (because women only have a right to their own body when it comes to killing their unborn children); about lying about how domestic violence increases during Super Bowl Sunday or how women are paid less than men due to sexism; about accusing a girl’s television show of promoting homophobia, racism, and anti-intellectualism; and about complaining when a man asks a woman out for coffee on an elevator. While women in the Middle East worry about being stoned to death for adultery, in America, feminists worry about a college girl being called a slut on the radio. Madness!

Meanwhile, feminists dismiss libertarians as "privileged white men." This is ironic, not only because feminists themselves are "privileged" and "white," but because unlike them, libertarians support the rights of all Americans, regardless of gender. We libertarians focus on the real issues currently facing our country: perpetual war, warrantless wiretaps, torture practices, drone strikes, indefinite detention, police brutality, drug prohibition, gun control, internet censorship, government spending, monetary inflation, corporate cronyism, just to name a few. These are issues that affect all Americans, be they man, woman, or child. These are the issues that libertarians concern themselves with--and yet they're considered "privileged" while feminists are "egalitarian"? Again, madness!

In conclusion, feminists would be taken more seriously if they actually supported true equality, which is the right of every man and woman to life, liberty, and property, and the freedom to utilize those rights provided they harm no one. Then again, if feminists truly believed that, they would be libertarians rather than feminists.
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StimulatingImagery Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why is it wrong to ask someone to go out and have a coffee?
BlameThe1st Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Because STFU you sexist pig that is why! /s
StimulatingImagery Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You know nothing.
MorphoAdonis Mar 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Only Fox News thinks that the feminist movement has been reduced to what you've described. Why don't you go read a Bell Hooks (A POC feminist writer) book before you start babbling that feminists (Who are NOT all white, thank you very much) are upset about being asked for coffee.

You've somehow biased libertarianism against feminism a if the two are mutually exclusive, while I know some men (Yeah, men!) who are feminist and libertarian.

The way you've phrased the feminist side makes it sound an awful lot like you think these women should shut up and deal with their issues.

Being called "Sluts" or "whores?" Take out the fucking parenthesis. Calling women these things is an actual issue. It promotes the idea that women's sexuality is not acceptable and that it is lesser or somehow dirtier than a man's sexuality. THAT is why we still need feminism. Because you don't think that's a big deal.

Not to mention the feminists whose issues are
 "Women being raped and beaten in the streets in the middle east."
 "Rape victims in America being blamed for their rapes and being forced to pay for the rapist's lawyer bills."
 "Rape victims being impregnated and forced to carry the child of their rapist."
 "Rapists being legally allowed to sue for custody of the child they forced a woman to have."

And then, intersectionality. Feminism is also inclusive of issues of every minority. Because women are not just white, they are not just straight, cisgender, they are not all middle-class, they are not all priveliged. So every one of those issues falls under feminism. Including, gasp, the patriarchy's effect on men! Yeah, we care about men, too. Because every time someone tells their male child to "man up," they are reinforcing the patriarchy while also emotionally damaging that child, holding him to ridiculous standards of masculinity.

And seriously, what is wrong with a movement who's title is mostly centered around women's rights?
Would you go back to the Civil Rights Movement and tell Dr King that he's not worried enough about Vietnam? That he should be more worried about massacres in Africa? Why isn't his speech on the Berlin Wall instead of a movement that is "clearly biased towards black people?"

So why is it so bad if the movement is largely focused on women's rights?

AGGGHHHH Your ignorance is so aggravating!
BlameThe1st Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

If there are legitimate feminist issues—which I won’t deny they exist—they tend to be veiled behind hysterical bullsquee. If you go onto Tumblr, I assure that the majority of posts concerning feminism devolve into petty bullsquee with only a small percent dealing with actual issues. I mean, for goodness sake, feminists recently tried to have the word “bossy” banned. How the hell am I supposed to take that seriously?

(continued) Or how about bullying issues? Sad truth I learned the hard way, when you are a female bully victim, you are a victim no matter the perpetrator. When you are a male bully victim, you are only a victim if the perpetrator is male. The female perpetrator can hit you as many times as you want, but the second you get sick of it and decide to defend yourself, society and women's groups will label you a terrible misogynist and woman beater. So much for equality, eh?
MorphoAdonis Mar 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
And yes, those are terrible stereotypes too. And they're sexist AGAIN, because it proves that people think women are too weak to do any damage, and that men are innately stronger and bigger than women. Don't you see how this is STILL prejudice?

The fact is that feminism is NOT men against women. It's our society against a white-male dominated culture. That doesn't mean white males are evil or a problem, it means that people of color and women need to -ALSO- be in positions of power, both in the media and the government.

Only 18.8% of total membership of congress is made up of women. That means EIGHTY TWO PERCENT is male.
Only 8.1% of the total membership of congress is African American.
Only 6.9% of the total membership of congress is Hispanic.
Only 2.4% of the total membership of congress is Asian.
There are only two American Indians in the entirety of congress.

Does that sound equal to you? No? Then you should understand why feminism is needed. Because feminism is an offset of civil rights that, by its name, specializes in women's rights. But feminism is, by nature, a reaction to the patriarchy, which pushes down minorities of all kinds; Women, people o color, LGBT groups, disabled people, the poor and homeless, and religious minorities.

Maybe you should ask yourself why you're so dead-set against proving that women don't need to fight for their rights, especially when it has been statistically PROVEN time and time again that women, when in the same positions as men, doing the same work, over the same number of hours, are paid less, and when we only hold eighteen percent of congress positions, even though we are 50.2% of the population of the United States of America. And why MALE politicians have hour long debates over what WOMEN need for healthcare, without a single word from a female perspective.

The men sit around and decide what's important for our bodies FOR us. Doesn't that sound a little wrong?
Being part of a movement that fights against issues such as rape, gender discrimination/shaming, and domestic violence is fine. As long as the movement covers both sides, of course. In modern day feminism's case, where are the feminists when it comes to discrimination with rape and domestic violence on males (especially those female perpetrated) who try to get help, but are only shamed and character defamed as batterers simply because he is male and is thus forwarded to 'batterer treatment programs' as opposed to victim programs? You very rarely, if ever, hear of them bringing the issue up, and even if they do, they will give lip service on how it is bad, but it is only bad because of the patriarchy that he is apparently a part of. Where are they on that issue? Either ignoring or victim blaming.

Where were the feminists originally when Donald Mudd felt a painful lump in his right breast (and still growing at that time) and was denied the free mammogram advertised during October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Well, every time I heard feminists bring this up, on or offline, they flipped their shit on how breast cancer is a woman problem, despite the fact that it affects men as well, so he shouldn't get it free because he has a penis and it takes away from the women. For a group that fights for equality, they sure did not show it there until the SGKF made it constitutional in their philosophy that it should aid people of ALL genders.

If feminists are so equality driven, why are they not required to sign up for selective service? Why must it be only men who get sent out to die in wars? Have we not evolved past the medieval days of women to safety men to battle? Better yet, why are they not asking for the draft's repeal because of it's gender discriminatory nature? Hmm....I guess maybe it is because a good lot of them are secretly followers of Valerie Solanas's ideology.

How about male portrayal in media? Feminists do quite a bit in fighting against the negative ways women are portrayed in media, but men are still portrayed negatively such as being the simpleton/overreactive father, or in TBBT's case, the negative stereotype that gamers/career driven males are capable of solving problems in their fields of gaming, science, etc., but outside of that, are teenage clowns of society who need to be changed and fixed by some stupid broad across the hall who can barely keep her own life on track.
MorphoAdonis Mar 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I've heard that issue brought up, actually, about the male domestic violence. Infact, I have MADE public statements about that issue. It IS a feminist issue., by virtue of it being an anti-patriarchy issue, because feminism is a backlash against the patriarchy which states that men cannot be raped.

Patriarchy is NOT about individual men. It is about a political system that is RUN BY A WHITE MALE VIEW, a male view which hurts individuals, including men and women of all races. Yes, even white males are hurt by the patriarchy. WE'RE NOT SAYING IT'S THEIR FAULT.

I don't know what shitty ass feminists think that denying males the right to a mammogram is anything but disgusting, but it is definitely NOT the feminist activists leaders that I personally know and communicate with.

Most feminists are against the draft because it's fucking awful in the first place, for either gender. Not to mention, when was the last goddamn time there was a draft in America? And ALSO not to mention, I know several feminists who volunteered to join the military by choice anyway. Moot point.

And yes, those are terrible stereotypes against men in the media, and should be changed; But you're missing the point- Who decides how men are portrayed in the media? MEN. The patriarchy is a political media system that controls the media; Women are not in the positions of power to change that. How do I know this? I work with people in the film industry, men and women, and they all know the same fact. If you try to make a movie or show that shows men and women in progressive roles, it will be changed. Or, if you manage to make it through with different ideals about men and women, your film will be ignored and people will point to the film next to it, talking about how all films still follow the same stereotypes.
anycent Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
dur muh patriarchy

muh rights

cis scum chek ur privelege
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