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February 25, 2013
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Libertarians Vs Feminists by BlameThe1st Libertarians Vs Feminists by BlameThe1st
The man on the left is libertarian radio host Adam Kokesh, and the woman on the right is feminist blogger Rebbeca Watson.

One of the reasons I don't take modern feminism seriously is because feminists often concern themselves with non-issues. While libertarians like myself worry about American citizens being targeted for assassination, feminists are worried about female video game characters with big boobs and skimpy outfits. It's like worrying about the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic. There are bigger problems threatening our country, and feminists instead focus on bogeymen such as "patriarchy," "rape culture," and "wage gaps."

There was a time when feminism was an essential social movement in American history, a time when women couldn't vote, own property, attend school, work outside the home, earn equal wages, dress as they please, or run for office; but now that women can do all of that and more, feminism as a movement seems obsolete. Sure, feminists still bitch about "gender inequality," but the "equality" they refer to is not so much "equal opportunity"--which they already have--but rather "equal outcome"--which they can never have because men and women are different and will therefore produce different results, even when given an even playing field. "Gender inequality" aside, the feminist movement remains irrelevant--at least in the West.

There are still countries where women lack equal rights to men. In Pakistan, a teenage girl was nearly assassinated for committing the "crime" of attending school. In India, a woman died after being brutally gang-raped in a bus, with one of her rapists having penetrated her with an iron rod, while her rapists were excused by the justice system. In the Congo, women are raped so frequently that rape is considered "cultural," while in Mexico, women have been the target of systematic violence, or "feminicide." In all of these countries, women suffer oppression and inequality under real patriarchy. It is these places where feminism is required most yet doesn't exist. Instead, feminism exists in countries like the United States where women already have the same rights as men.

Because of this, feminism has shifted from ensuring equal rights for the sexes to complaining about non-issues. Now it’s about demeaning stay-at-home mothers for not wishing to pursue a career outside the home; about preventing women from having consensual sex for money or posing nude in front of a camera (because women only have a right to their own body when it comes to killing their unborn children); about lying about how domestic violence increases during Super Bowl Sunday or how women are paid less than men due to sexism; about accusing a girl’s television show of promoting homophobia, racism, and anti-intellectualism; and about complaining when a man asks a woman out for coffee on an elevator. While women in the Middle East worry about being stoned to death for adultery, in America, feminists worry about a college girl being called a slut on the radio. Madness!

Meanwhile, feminists dismiss libertarians as "privileged white men." This is ironic, not only because feminists themselves are "privileged" and "white," but because unlike them, libertarians support the rights of all Americans, regardless of gender. We libertarians focus on the real issues currently facing our country: perpetual war, warrantless wiretaps, torture practices, drone strikes, indefinite detention, police brutality, drug prohibition, gun control, internet censorship, government spending, monetary inflation, corporate cronyism, just to name a few. These are issues that affect all Americans, be they man, woman, or child. These are the issues that libertarians concern themselves with--and yet they're considered "privileged" while feminists are "egalitarian"? Again, madness!

In conclusion, feminists would be taken more seriously if they actually supported true equality, which is the right of every man and woman to life, liberty, and property, and the freedom to utilize those rights provided they harm no one. Then again, if feminists truly believed that, they would be libertarians rather than feminists.
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Zeonista Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
The feminists had completed their basic objectives by 1980, even with the rejection of the Equal Rights Amendment. The de facto viewpoint of mainstream American society had accepted that a women had a place outside the home as well as in it. Since then feminism has been made a tool of identity politics, with the goal of forcing American women to focus all their care into defending their gender identity and treatment as paramount. As long as the illusion of personal freedom is defended by free birth control and its use in personal life, everything else is of no matter. That includes becoming a slave of the State, but since the State allows birth control and abortions on demand it's OK.
BlameThe1st Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
MadDadder Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
I don't think they're completely exclusive of each other, as I believe there is some overlap. Maybe it's more of a matter of being more tuned in to what affects them directly and what they feel they can change. War is far away. Wiretaps aren't an everyday concern for American Women or even most Americans, in general. But media shoving ideas and stereotypes in our faces is a daily occurrence. As a father of girls, I understand some of their (feminist) issues, such as the old favorite subjects shirt for girls that had shopping, music, dance checked, with math, unchecked. Or the the sexualization of young girl's clothing. It's horrible, and it's something these feminists probably believe they can affect.

While these things may seem small to you or I, they might loom giant to a young girl. I wouldn't consider the oppression, discrimination or objectification of girls (and potentially half of our populace) to be a non-issue. I consider it one of our bigger cultural issues, but again, maybe that's because I have girls and see it firsthand.

The biggest clash would be when feminists want to limit liberty as a tool to combat sexism, which to me, sounds a lot like the reverse discrimination of Affirmative Action.

As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a perfect political ideology. Balance is the key. 
BlameThe1st Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It is possible to be feminist and libertarian if you believe the best way to pursue women's rights is through persuasion and social pressure rather than through brute government force. Most feminists, however, are not like that.
ShadowofWOPR Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
Neither, they're both insane.
EbolaBearVomit Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
#3 and 4 from the femmnist side are perfectly legitimate. And Internet censorship sounds just as inane as the other femmnist goals you talked about.
SolonCIty Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, a lot of feminist are liberals. So, technically, you can move just about every single point on the libertarians side to the feminist side as well... I think that puts feminist in the lead with the bullet points. Also, we don't want to ban pornography, and prostitution is already illegal. No one needs to fund our birth control, Obama care kind of exist... Just add abortion patients to that. Wages are different, you get the average wages of a group of random males and compare the average to a group of females wage averages- The males average will be larger most of the time. I dunno, why you put that last bullet. I rather like coffee. Maybe she's just not that into you? Also, no one cares about nude ladies unless they're treated like the only reason they're there is too be naked. Like, where's my unimportant, hot, naked, side character, video game guy????? Oh right he doesn't exist. That's annoying.

Okay thanks.
Seaxwulf Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I for one would be absolutely charmed by an elevator Coffee invite. It's called civilisation, and it tastes like sweet, sweet Mocha Café. Which makes it a drug I don't want regulated 'cuz I love me some caffeine.

Right. Well, cheers to a useless comment from Whitey Mainer.
345rv5 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Well while i  diagree with the ecomonic points of view of your brand of Libertarianism(I'm a Marxist Libertarian), i do agree with alot of what you said here and i much rather side with more conservative Libertarians than Liberal Feminists even though i don't see eye to eye with some issues here.

Really the modern Feminists movement discredits themselves  by talking more about the Paritrachy than the rights of all Americans and do more damage to Women's rights than even the most sexist Conservatie pricks. Seriously i would think that there would be a much bigger problem

As for the Wage Gap, there is some issues i have with that and while i think the problem is overblown, i think the much bigger problem is the fact Wall Street and the government is far more corrupt, though i take a different approach from most American Libertarians regarding economics but that's neither here or there.

As for the Rape Culture, men are demonzied and stigmatized for even joking about rape let alone rape and in prison alone, many violent offenders would rape and shank a rapist to death. The defintion of Rape Culture is a culture that gliofes rape,  in no part of this country, even the most backwards part of America is there any glorification of rape, hell i think you and i agree that if we saw a rapist, we shoot them dead whereas in countries like Saudi Arabia,China and India, you got rapists celebrated by the people and culture as a whole.

As for "gender inequality", that exists among both genders, not just one nowadays. Men get 40% more prison time than a woman , Men are disproportionately discriminated against in Child Custody ruling, women have all the reproductive rights and men don't, Men who are domestically abused by either women or other men don't get any of the same protections as women and Men are mandatory drafted to armed service while women still aren't. Yes Women still have some remnants of discrimination in society like Slut Shaming, Aboriton issues, Criminalized  Prostitution and Gender Roles but that's not the job of Feminism to slove anymore, it's time for a new age of  Humanisms to solve the issues, be it Liberals, Lbiertains or Marxists in unison to crush both the "Patiarchy"( that's really on life support at this point) and the growing Matriarchy( The Rad Fems are trying to grow)

Yeah these Radical Feminists bitch about Patriarchy but they never have to worry about armed gunmen trying to kill them for attending school, they never have to fear about being brutally double penetrated against their will in public, humiliated and left to die while the criminals get off scott free. Why don't these Feminists complain about the gang rape mentality in the Congo instead of bitching about Gangbang Pornography?

What, they think My Little Pony is Smart Shaming, Racist and Homophobic ? What the fuck?  Just when i thought that Feminism can't get any more retarded, this exist. As a Brony myself, i never said racism, sexism or homophobia in MLP.So rather than talk about how women are being used as Druge mules and forced into Prostitution in many Latin American countires, they rather complain about a girls show that if anything seems to be a massive 180 from the Gender Role bullshit it was in the 80's and 90's.

What's Ironic about these so called "Feminists"  is that they only care about the right to choose when it comes to abortion but don't care about sex workers rights to do what they want with their bodies and want to ban porn outright which is utter hypocrisy and if anything these morons are ironically enforcing Gender Roles and are the biggest slut shammers within existence given they claim women who want to sell their bodies are "Tools of the Partiarchy" yet these people support Marriages which are really a form of Prostitution.  Maybe these Radical Feminsits should stop shamming women who wish to be sluts before talking about "Slut Shamming" and practice what they preach.

These Feminists are the new  Authoritarian party who are just as hypocirtcal and full of shit as the Democrats and Republicans.
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