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March 22, 2013
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Political Fear Factor by BlameThe1st Political Fear Factor by BlameThe1st
I know. I know. This is a gross oversimplification. And yes, I am quite possibly over-exaggerating to the point of misrepresentation. (For example: conservatives don't really fear immigrants as they do illegal immigrants.) But the overall emphasis is clear: while the other two parties are fearful of many issues, we libertarians only have one fear: government.

Now yes, you could argue that "government" could be broken down into various fears: taxes, overregulation, censorship, surveillance, brutality, etc. But in the end, it all barrels down to one issue: government corruption, cronyism, and overall malfeasance. (Okay, make that three things!)

As long as the government is minding its own business and fulfilling its solemn duty to protect and serve the population--that is, ensuring that nobody is being killed, raped, assaulted, defrauded, or stolen from--then we libertarians have nothing to fear; otherwise, we most certainly do.

While the other parties are busy instilling fear over minor things that really shouldn't raise concern, libertarians are concerned about the only real thing we have to fear: government tyranny.
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MetallicGirl Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Professional Writer
Well...just because I'm a Republican doesn't mean I agree with EVERY connotation associated with my party. My boyfriend is Jewish, my best friend is from overseas, and I have nothing against gay people.
InfinityUnlimited Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lost me when you said you were a republican
MetallicGirl Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Writer
Ehhh...sorry :( You hate Republicans? Well, I never respected those people who hate/fight/whatever on Internet comment pages (like the ones you see on YouTube and stuff). So fine, I'm the last person who wants to have a comment fight. :)
InfinityUnlimited Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dont twist what I said, No one wants to have a fight on the internet.
Everytime there is something insanely corurpt, it tends to be a republican behind it.
Bias? no. Fact? yes. A few examples
Iran contra affair-Ronald Reagan
Iraq and afghanistan- George Bush
Monsant protection act-(though signed by obama) Republican senator blunt helped them pass it through congress, and helped them write their own protection act.
So now they dont have to tell us if genetically modified organisms are in our food or not.

If you call me a fight monger, than you have me horribly out of context. 
MetallicGirl Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Writer
I wasn't calling you a fight monger. I was just hoping you wouldn't just assume a ton of stuff about me because I'm Republican. But besides those things, the Berlin Wall fell under REAGAN'S leadership, and Bush has been out of office for years and the Middle East hasn't gotten any better, has it? Not to mention that Democrats get themselves into scandals too, like with Bill Clinton? Obama wants us to break off ties with Israel, wiretaps the citizens and always blames somebody else when something goes wrong. And Hillary Clinton is crazy.
InfinityUnlimited Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH good, I didnt assume anything about you
Yeah of course democrats have their shit, but i guess i can have a polite converse with you
The Fall of the Berlin wall is debatable for me though, 
because the war in Afghanistan had pretty much crippled the soviet economy and political stability.
Gorbachev had plans to break the wall before Reagan took himself there to deliver his speech
The middle east cant change. You cant change when an area is being fiddled with constantly.
Iraq was stable before, we fixed that.
Look at the War we instigated in Syria,supplying the Free Syrian rebels who have done nothing but used chemical weapons and claim to "liberate" their people from a dictator, Assad, who isn't even a bad leader.

Libya is another good example

Afghanistan however, will never be stable.

Bill Clinton had lied under oath, yes.
But over a blow job, i really tend not to pay it much mind
As far as Israel,I wouldn't mind leaving them

Imagine if we kept the 3 billion dollars we sent them for their military(not counting what we BUY for them) for ourselves.
That is less tax money for a foreign policy(which George Washington warned about foreign affairs)
We could do what  Israel does, support their college students, funding them through their education

We could do what Switzerland, Canada, and most of Europe do, Provide healthcare for free so that they cannot be gutted by medical monopolies like what we see going here in the US
IS obama questionable with the NSA? Yes
Even though Bush established the National surveillance Agency, the department of Homeland "Security" 
handles most of the stuff the NSA does, so I suppose Obama and secretary of the department of homeland security, Jeh Johnson are both men we could look into

As far as where i want to live, I dont want to be from the US.
I want to be born in Israel, Switzerland, France, Canada, or the United Arab emrites
God, i can dream of life in Israel or Switzerland

It could be better in the US too, but people dont care about the government, they dont give a fuck, or are just un informed
We need conservatives and liberals(though i dont view the republicans as true conservatives, a true conservative was Eisenhower, FDR was a conservative too, and he was a democrat)
It isnt the political belief of someone that kills the state of the US as we see it, it is the fact that very few people take interest in the government
Does it seem alot more than few? yeah, but dont forget this country has 317 million people behind its bars, 3rd most populated country in the world.

"when the government fears the people, you have a democracy" -Thomas Jefferson
MetallicGirl Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Writer
Well, a lot of people don't TRUST the government, a lot of it was spawned by what happened in Vietnam and stuff, I guess. There are many hot-button issues going on today and people just feel like the government isn't doing anything for it. In the olden days people thought the government was capable of great things but not now. They owe us. However, I wouldn't want to live anywhere but here, you know that Canadians actually come here for their health care sometimes because they have to wait so long? The problem with handing shit out for free is that eventually, you run out of other people's money. Also you do know Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East, they have a kick-ass army and are known for dedications to science and the arts, in fact ahead of us on certain things. I know we have a lot of people in the stony lonesome, but also, there are some countries where there are just as many corrupt people, but the laws are more lax. You could argue that more laws = more lawbreakers. I do admire FDR, however. After all, he was our President throughout the Depression and WWII, no small feat. If I could live anywhere, I would live here, except not in Illinois (maybe California or Texas instead), and I would want to live more in the late forties, early fifties than now, because I think our country was better back then.
InfinityUnlimited Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that really touched my heart 
I am being serious, you really did touch me

People never really understood the goverment, there was a reason why our founding fathers wanted to keep power out of the common man

Israel is the only obvious democracy

Egypt WAS a democracy, but the US CIA have made sure that the supreme council of the armed forces, aka, some of the most corrupt people in the world stay there and make sure that the Egyptian people will never taste democracy again, preventing egypt from having full use of its oil supplies and the suez canal

As for arabs, there are a few GREAT arab countries, my god, you really need to visit the United Arab emrites! They have a parliamentary democracy like Israel, but with a King who is really hooked on human rights
In the UAE a woman does not have to cover her face, and they usually buy some fashionable dresses that cover all of their bodies except their heads, neck, forearms and hands

therei s a City in the UAE(united arab emrites) called dubai, my uncle has been there a few times, you should check it out!

As for the USA, you are right, this placei sl ike 50 different countries itself, with a place for everyone

living in the 40s and 50s? i cant do that. I am not white, so you KNOW how that goes...

FDR however, i loved how he worked with APhillip Randolf a bit
But here in Georgia, he was LOVED.
they had a special handicapped car he could drive, so when he was here in Georgia at warm springs he would just drive around and greet all the farms as he went
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PAPhilly Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
So true! If you add over the terrorists and SUPER huge corporations that do horrible things (ie: Monsanto, Disney, ExxonMobil, Starbucks, etc.) over to the Libertarian column, you'd have my biggest concerns. BUT THE BIGGEST WOULD STILL BE GOVERNMENT!!!
icedude1994 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
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