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February 11, 2012


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Welcome to yet another edition of Pony Couples. All this month, I'm sharing my all-time favorite My Little Pony shippings. This week, I'm highlighting Rainbow Dash and Soarin'.

It goes without saying that the rainbow-maned tomboy is considered an ipso facto lesbian by most fans—even though Lauren Faust has stated that Rainbow Dash isn't a lesbian. So of course she's often paired with the other six, most often with Apple Jack and Fluttershy (No! She's Big Mac's Waifu!). I personally don't care for these shippings (or any yuri shippings). Unfortunately, there are few colts in Equestria who are compatible with this 20% Awesome mare—save perhaps Soarin' of the Wonderbolts.

Rainbow Dash has had very little screen time with Soarin'—though that's more than one can say of Fluttershy and Big Mac. She did save him (along with the other Wonderbolts and Rarity) in Sonic Rainboom, and saved his pie in The Best Night Ever. It is very likely that the two could hook up—especially if Rainbow Dash joins the Wonderbolts.

But enough talk. Here are some of my favorite fan art of the Rainbow Dash/Soarin pairing:

MLP: Pink Clouds by Mn27

The two pegasi smooching in the sky! Really love the textures here. Seems almost like spray art.

First Blush by Mn27

The two fooling around in the clouds. Strangely enough, the art style is striking similar to the one above, but is done by a different artist. Go figure!

Catch Me by NabbieKitty

The two flying hand-in-hand in the night sky. Again, the picture reminds me of the first one, even if the art style is different.

Nothing Can Ruin This by Veggie55
Not even a Derpy-induced storm can tear these two apart! I really like their manes (LOL! Sweetie Belle reference). Reminds me of Rarity's wet mane in Sisterhooves Social.

Wonderlove by Teengirl

Looks like Rainbow Dash joined the Wonderbolts and found her true love at the same time! Isn't it just cute?

Laying in the summer sun by Teengirl

Rainbow Dash taking a nap under Soarin's wing. Dawwwww!

first blush by Siansaar

Just the two enjoying each others company in the clouds. Really love the lineart on this one. Seems more proffesional, streamlined.

Dash and Soarin' 2 by ponymonster

A human Rainbow Dash and Soarin'--at the Gala no less. Interesting how Rainbow Dash looks less like a tomboyish punk and more like an 80s pop singer--almost like Cyndi Lauper or Jem.

Welcome little one by tinuleaf

Here's the two married and with children. The newborn is White Whirl, the daughter is Cloud Puff, and the son is Sunrise Brisk. The artist, tinuleaf, maintains a Tumblr where you can ask the family members questions (and they answer). Lovely!

As with last time, I'm going to post some NSFW art. This one's a human version of the couple. It isn't explicit--in fact, it's rather tame, save for the fact that Dash isn't wearing any pants--or underwear. You can't see anything, but I'm posting this as NSFW anyway!

This one contains full-frontal. It's Human Dash trying to prove that she isn't "flat." Of course, Soarin' has to make sure--with a magnifying glass! (He's secretly elated!)
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Indeed i hate how most people think rainbow dash is a lesbian makes me sick i really cant stand seeing any of the characters except twilight being gay. but i hate appledash most of all gosh this pairing makes sick. and i never understood why that pairing was so popular it overrated and bland

are there any pony couples you really dislike and why
BlameThe1st Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So Dash is not a lesbian but Twilight is. Why? Because she reads books? Not every girl who reads books licks carpet.

As for couples I can't stand, I guess any yuri ships. I get that most of the characters are girls, but that doesn't mean that all the ships have to be girl-on-girl.
no wait i dont actually think twilight is a lesbian just i cant find a male character on the show who i think twilight would go well with and the only pairing with twilight in it that i like was twixie
BlameThe1st Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, that really is a problem. But hey, if anything, it allows for OC pairings with her! :D
i too dont care for the yuri pairings of this show espically applejack/rainbow dash goodness i hate that pairing so much you know the only yuri pairing that features the main characters is twilight sparkle/trixie that the only one i actually liked i feel the others girls would just stay friends with each other what do you think
BlameThe1st Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree. The only reason they’re paired is because they’re the most “masculine” of the six. So the pairing is based upon lesbian stereotypes. Because as we all know, all tomboys and cowgirls are lesbians, amritie?! /sarcasm.
This has occured a pretty long time ago, but I decided to bury up part of your journals and noticed some stuff around. I would like to respond to them, if you don't mind.

"even though Lauren Faust has stated that Rainbow Dash isn't a lesbian."

Nah, she said that Rainbow Dash was not supposed to represent any sexuality. That much means that there is every possibility that RD could be heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual, maybe even asexual. However, you are correct when you mention that the rainbow-maned tomboy tends to be stuck with the association of being a lesbian. I myself tend to think of it as a two-way street, which is RD being bisexual, though realistically, considering their society, it would be likely that either homosexual relations are common. It does make me wonder: If Equestria is alot like Earth, then wouldn't a male and female be the only two able to reproduce? Wouldn't that mean that Ponyville would experience a fast decline of population unless mass immigration happened? =/

Boy, over analysis of the show is here. :P

"though that's more than one can say of Fluttershy and Big Mac."

It is. In fact, from what I heard and can remember in my head, though what I can remember isn't really too much, Fluttershy and Big Macintosh both had no screen time interacting with each other. There was more screen time with Big Macintosh and Twilight than Big Mac and Fluttershy, for that matter.

But yes. I personally find the pairing cute as well. :iconhnnnngplz:
BlameThe1st Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it would be best if the show keeps their sexualities open-ended. None of the mane six should pair up with any pony, male or female. Just focus on friendship, not love. Little girls don’t need to get into serious relationships at six or eight, so we shouldn’t have a show pressuring them into doing that. Not to mention that by not creating an official pairing, the creators leave the fanbase open to interpretation, let them keep their own fan-pairings in their mind.
Mostly on the last part. That's quite right, also considering that anything canon that Studio B does, it will cause a ripple in the fanon and possibly alot of drama may result, especially if it's a shipping of sorts. My guess is that if there were a time that they'd place a canon pairing, it'd be one that is blatantly obvious to them. Girls are still the major demographic of the viewership, after all. At least I think they still are. =/
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