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February 25, 2012


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And now, with this being the last Saturday in February, we come to the conclusion of Pony Couples. I haven't saved the best for last, but I did save the most interesting: Rarity/Spike.

I know. I know. Spike is a dragon. Rarity is a unicorn. And she's much older than him. But you know what? I don't care! I still like the paring regardless. I really think it's cute. Besides, they're not real anyway.

As anyone who watches the show knows, Spike has a crush on Rarity. She's quite oblivious to the dragon's affections—or is she? In the episode "Secret of My Excess," while the two are falling to their deaths, Spike tries to confess his love to her, but Rarity cuts him off halfway through, covering his mouth with her hoof, and looking at him lovingly. Some have interpreted this scene as Rarity being aware of Spike's affections for her all along, and for the most part, I haven't seen this interpretation contested.

Again, it's probably improbable that the two would be a real couple, considering the species and age difference. But again, I don't care. I think it's cute.

And so, here's some of my favorite art work of the couple:


Rarity commenting how Spike is her favorite assistant, and Spike replying how she is his favorite pony to assist—all while a jealous Twilight Sparkle rages in the background. (Now she knows how Spike felt when she called Owlicious her favorite assistant!)


Both characters had to struggle with greed in the second season—Rarity in "Return to Harmony," and Spike in "The Secret of My Excess." So what would happen if their two greedy personas met? A match made in heaven! (Or perhaps hell?)

Greedy Goddess by sabretoothlioness

Speaking of greed, Rarity has shown in "Dragonshy" that she likes dragons for their treasure hoards. Spike, who is a dragon, likes Rarity. So one would put two-and-two together and assume that, if Spike ever received his own dragon hoard, that Rarity would fall for Spike for his hoard. (Now I ain't callin her a gold digger…) Of course, this theory was probably destroyed in the episode "Secret of My Excess." (Or was it?)

MLP:Spike and Rarity by ss2sonic

Spike can play the piano, as shown in "Over A Barrel." Perhaps he could play while Rarity sang. That would be an interesting duo, as portrayed here.

MLP:Spike x Rarity by ss2sonic

A humanoid Spike and Rarity gazing into each other's eyes. I was going to label this as NSFW, as it somewhat suggests that the two are wearing nothing, but the way I see it, you can't see a thing from the shoulder up—not to mention they're doing nothing but lovingly staring into each other's eyes. (Or are they?)

MLP: Spike x Rarity 2 by ss2sonic

Another image by the same artist of a humanoid Spike and Rarity. Rarity seems a little P.O.'d in this one.

MLP: Rarity by ss2sonic

In the words of Sweetie Belle, Spike really likes Rarity's mane—especially when it's wet!

Spikey-wikey by Aeolus06

A human version of the two. This one shows an age difference of at least a decade between the two. Then again, that's probably how it is in the show. I still think it's cute—if not for its puppy love charm.

Not Now Spike Line Art Contest by CaptainKaddy

Another human version of the couple, this time with both at the same age. I know it's not a realistic age portrayal, but I love it anyway, especially because Rarity has really big—um—hair. (Yeah, that's it: big hair!)


Of course, one would have to wonder, if the two ever did hook up, how their relationship would be received. After all, in real life, interracial couples are still looked down upon. One would assume that "interspecies" relationships would receive the same prejudice, as this picture shows. Here, we can only assume that Rarity meets with Spike in secret, as he now lives outside Ponyville due to his size, and they have to keep their relationship secret because the other ponies would dissaprove. But Spike reassures him that true love surpasses all, including bigotry!

In Matrimony by ive-moved-bitches

Here's a lovely wedding picture of the two. Now I really enjoy this picture, even if the artist does art of pairings I don't agree with (i.e.: Twilight/Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash/Spitfire). But I love it anyway.

Gem is best Kirin by ive-moved-bitches

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes baby in the baby carriage. So what is the offspring of a unicorn and dragon? (Assuming the two species can interbreed.) A kirin! And believe it or not, kirins are real mythological creatures. (Wait! Isn't "real mythological creature" an oxymoron?) What's a kirin? A mythical creature of Eastern folklore, often called the Chinese unicorn, often depicted as having the head of a dragon, the body of a tiger, and the horn of a unicorn. In Equestria, they're the offspring of dragons and unicorns. This little guy is called Gem. (Go figure! A boy named Gem!) As can be expected, he's often ridiculed and ostracized for being a mixed breed, as the children of mixed couples tend to be in real life. But he manages to have some friends, and his parents unconditionally love him, of course.

Little Bitty Baby by ive-moved-bitches

Here's another picture featuring Gem, this time as a baby. Here his daddy Spike is playing with him as his mommy spike watches lovingly from the couch. Dawwww!

Here's a picture of the couple by the famous johnjoseco. And don't worry, I have more images from jon—and they're all NSFW! :D

Speaking of NSFW, as with all my other "Pony Couples" entries, I have some NSFW art. First off, continuing with the gold-digging Rarity theme, we have a picture of Rarity as Spike's "pet"—in the sense that Princess Leia became Jabba the Hut's "pet." (Only in this case, Rarity isn't wearing a slave bikini—or anything, for that matter!) Seems like a good tradeoff: Rarity gets access to Spike's treasure, Spike gets his own personal "pet."

And now for some of Jon's NSFW work. First off, here's a parody of the "Titanic" scene where Rose poses nude for Jack as he sketches her, only with a human Rarity and Spike.

Finally, a cute scene with human Rarity snuggling next to Spike. Nothing explicit, but it suggestive, so NSFW!
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nice work but your missing the best Sparity artwork of all "Hearts Desire"
BlameThe1st Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I just check that out. I think I maybe developing diabetes from it.
is that a good thing or bad
you know that i love this pairing more than all others in the show but i don't like it when someone calls this pairing pedophilia but i really hate it when someone calls this pairing bestiality
BlameThe1st Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Meh. They're both sentient beings, so it would be consensual. And there doesn't seem to be that big of an age gap.

Though, to be honest, I have since moved onto Spike/Sweetie Belle. That seems more fitting.
i don't care much about spike/cmc pairings but if that okay with you
also are you going to be doing pony couples for this feburary
BlameThe1st Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, yes I am! ;)
will you be using the same ponies in a different couples or be using the yuri pairings this year
BlameThe1st Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I'm going to be using different ponies.
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