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April 6, 2012


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For the second installment of my "Pony Humans" collection, I'm showcasing human and anthro art of my other favorite pony, Fluttershy:

Fluttershy by Christinies
Fluttershy by *Christinies

Let's start with a sweet and innocent human Fluttershy sitting among her animal friends.

Fluttershy by ~irving-zero

This human Fluttershy reminds me of a Greek dryad (forest nymph). It would only be fitting for Fluttershy to be one, what with her affinity with nature.

Fluttershy by Ninja-8004
Fluttershy by *ninjaninjanoob23

Human Fluttershy with a parasprite. Careful, Shy Shy! You remember what happened last time you brought home one of those critters.

Fluttershy by Don-ko
Fluttershy by *Don-KomandoRR

This human version manages to maintain the wings, tail, and ears. Very sultry, if you ask me.

Fluttershy by CrazyNoiseMaker
Fluttershy by ~CrazyNoiseMaker

The cutie mark above her right bosom is a nice touch!

My Little Angel by Aeolus06
My Little Angel by =aeolus06 on deviantART

Human Fluttershy with Angel bunny. At least this bunny can't slap her. (Ungrateful varmint!)

Human Fluttershy by Alipes
Human Fluttershy by ~Alipes

A slightly older human Fluttershy in a butterfly sundress. Reminds me of a 50s house wife. Fluttershy would make a great wife—especially for Big Mac!

Fluttershy by PrettyKitty
Fluttershy by *PrettyKitty

That expression! It makes me melt like butter!

ACEO Fluttershy by nickyflamingo
ACEO Fluttershy by *nickyflamingo

Now this one definitely looks like a Greek dryad, and the costume seems to be more revealing. (I can see her cutie mark on her thigh!)

MEP- Fluttershy by RyuuKiba
MEP- Fluttershy by *RyuuKiba

Move over, Beastmaster! This pegasus filly can tame a manitcore, dragon, bear, and even Cerberus! She's literally the queen of beasts, with the entire animal kingdom at her beckoning.

Fluttershy Girl by ~Magy-san

The only thing I don't like about this picture are the socks. Fluttershy is most definitely the barefoot type.

Shy Fluttershy v2.5 by ~Ellis1342

If you like this picture, you'll love the NSFW version! ;)

Cute Fluttershy by niziolek
Cute Fluttershy by ~niziolek

Not sure if that's swimwear or lingerie, but me gusto!

Sexy Fluttershy by ShugarSkull
Sexy Fluttershy by *ShugarSkull

Fluttershy: H-H-Hey there big, tall, and handsome: like what you see?

Big Mac: Eeyup!

Human Fluttershy by samutoka
Human Fluttershy by ~samutoka

Human Fluttershy as a belly dancer. This one looks too comfortable dancing around in something that revealing. Methinks the real Fluttershy wouldn't be this audacious—unless it was a personal performance for Big Mac. (What can I say? I love the shipping!)

MLP: sleepy time by ss2sonic
MLP: sleepy time by *ss2sonic

Anthro Fluttershy snuggling up with Angel bunny in bed. I was going to mark this NSFW—but forget it! You can't see anything anyway.

Now this one I have to mark NSFW. It's a human mother Fluttershy with her baby cradled against her bosom. Yes, she's in the nude, but you can't see anything with the baby in the way. Besides, I find it very endearing, what with it being a mother and child.
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I've notice that when someone makes a human fluttershy picture her bust seems to be the largest out of the group
BlameThe1st Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, she is the favorite of many bronies, and many bronies tend to be men who like big boobs, so...
I like her barefoot nature-lover look :) I think Rarity makes a great human too. :D
BlameThe1st Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fluttershy would make for a perfect Greek Dryad. I guarantee! It's only her nature. ;)
Hidden by Owner
Irving-Zero's is perhaps my favorite of the bunch. Very nice. Or, to put it more approrpriately:

:iconfluttershyyayplz: Yay.
BlameThe1st Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed, though I also liked Don-KomandoRR and ss2sonic's.
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