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I’ve been working on a major Statist and Anarchist comic over the past few days. In fact, it’s so massive that it’s going to be provided in four parts, each with eight-panel comics instead of the typical six panels. Before then, I’ll be releasing a single gag-a-day comic tomorrow.

The actual multi-part comic will be released in its entirety tomorrow on the Statist and Anarchist Tumblr blog, and later into parts here on deviantART, Facebook, and the official blog starting the very next day on Saturday.

As for the topic of this comic? Well, for starters, it’s not going to be a Statist and Anarchist comic, per say, as it will be the Apropos of Nothing spin off that I use for topics other than politics.

The topic itself, well, let’s just say that this comic was prompted by the events surrounding the hysteria created by a particular memo at Google, which really pushed me to addressing a similar topic.

Also, the style of the comic itself will be a “fan tribute” of sorts to a certain television show that has quickly become my favorite, especially because of its ability to ruin everything. LOL!
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Copy that.
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